1. Tour de France


    Can you believe it? The Tour de France is coming to Hackney on Monday! The place is going to be grid locked but it’s so exciting…

    Here’s the map

    Click here for the full map.

    I also spotted these t-shirts from Independent London ..

    So grab your water bottle, energy fruit bar & lycra & head to the Olympic park!

  2. Wimbledon!


    So after the huge disappointment of the World Cup I’m trying to build enthusiasm for the tennis! It always gets more exciting towards the middle/end so I’ve just started to watch ( mind you it’s still wall to wall football/atheletics/tennis in this house- I’m having to sneek off to watch New Girl & The Good Wife!).

    Unless you have tickets ,Wimbledon tends to be centered around the TV.This year I’m going to keep it simple, Jugs of Robinsons lemon Barley water for the kids & Pims & lemonade for adults.


    But instead of strawberries & cream, why not try strawberries & nutella …it’s delicious!

  3. Celebrate the Opening Ceremony of the World Cup!


    I though the opening of the World cup was a good excuse for a slightly camper take on events.I think I got confused by the 911 ads - based on 70s runner David Bedford as he was my inspiration for my pineapple friend!I asked LH for some mustacheod  footballers- Ian Rush ..or Socrates…..it had to be Socrates…fantastic player, Brazilian…handsome !


    I LOVE Bossa Nova,I used to comb record stores for new tracks & sway gentle through the house, cocktail in hand ( that’s how my memory plays anyway) until we had kids & it all began to fade as the volume got pumped up on everything else!

    Just listen to Girl from Ipanema & start to sway….


    So this is an excuse to reintroduce it, yes some may expect to start of the World Cup to have more of a …bang …but here it’s going to be caipirinhas,bossa nova,salsa & BBQs….oh with a bit of football on the side!


    Check out Bossa Nova do Brazil 1967 on You Tube, click here.

    There’s a great overview of famous Brazilian music on www.brazilmycountry.com

    Have a great evening!

  4. World Cup Party !


    It’s nearly time for the World Cup, the shops are filling with England & Brazilian hats & flags. We’ve been watching the BBC 2 program Welcome to Rio about the communities in the falvelas ( click here), it’s very good, check it out on Iplayer.

    I made this party invite & very optimistically put the date of the final on it…I’m sure we’ll watch the final but I think England may well feature in the earlier stages.

    In previous years I’ve slaved in the kitchen , making pizzas etc but this year I’d like to be part of the event so I thought I’d get some chicken  from the new Chicken Shop that’s opened in Whitechapel..


    & burgers from Dirty Burger…maybe make some homemade root vegetable chips ( potatos, parsnips,sweet potatos, carrots, beetroot?)….


    perfect when paired with some local craft beers….


    Clapton Craft lets you get local craft beers that aren’t yet bottled, click here for more.

    I’m a big fan of a good crisp lager, so Peroni or Asahi for me - properly chilled of course! Home made lemonade is an easy one to make on tap for the kids, with lots of ice to chill & dilute it.

    Football in the garden for the kids, ice cream & haribos  as a sweet treat  ( self service - eek!).

    Sounds like a plan for a stress free World Cup Party!

  5. Hop’s Birthday Events on Chatsworth Road

  6. We had such a lot of fun at the very first of Hop’s 6th birthday events ( there are 2 more to come).Loop magazine hosted a giant game of consequences with giant, bright chalk- the kids were engrossed & after a couple of hours the pavement outside the shop was covered in fantastic street art!

    Click here to find out more about the next 2 workshops…..22nd & 29th of June with Okido & Anorak magazines, too good to miss!

  7. World Cup Build Up !

    So it’s nearly time for the World Cup take over, this picture sums up the spirit of eccentric fun !

  8. I’ve been looking for world cup inspiration & found these amazing graphics! I’m not such a lover of football but I do love an event so will embrace the World Cup in Brazil as an opportunity to host a party!

  9. Cherry Blossom Festival

    Don’t you just love cherry blossom?We made the most of it with a mini Cherry blossom festival! The kids made sushi ( thanks Yo Sushi for teaching them so brilliantly) & we made blossoms out of different tones of pink tissue paper with bright pink tape. Put them together on fresh white china plate, with a vase full of real blossom- what’s not to love!

  10. Egg Rolling!

    This is the first time we’ve rolled eggs at Easter & from the squeals of laughter & delight it won’t be the last!

    I’ve always loved those beautiful shots of dyed eggs so though we’d give it a go. Start with white eggs ( only place I could find them was Waitrose), then add a teaspoon of white vinegar & 15 drops of food colouring to a cup of water ( or enough to completely cover the cooled, hardboiled egg). Leave for anything between 20 mins & a few hours depending on the colour you want.

    We packed them back in the carton & set off with our picnic to find a hill. It was great fun customising each egg,all trying to make theirs cuter or scarier than everyone else’s.

    I think the samurai won!

    There were many different techniques to extend the lives of precious eggs, mine fell apart on the 4th race…these 2 just kept going!

    If you’ve never tried it I recommend giving it a go, it’s great fun & naturally comes to an end when the eggs break, giving that added edge of jeopardy !