1. Egg Rolling!

    This is the first time we’ve rolled eggs at Easter & from the squeals of laughter & delight it won’t be the last!

    I’ve always loved those beautiful shots of dyed eggs so though we’d give it a go. Start with white eggs ( only place I could find them was Waitrose), then add a teaspoon of white vinegar & 15 drops of food colouring to a cup of water ( or enough to completely cover the cooled, hardboiled egg). Leave for anything between 20 mins & a few hours depending on the colour you want.

    We packed them back in the carton & set off with our picnic to find a hill. It was great fun customising each egg,all trying to make theirs cuter or scarier than everyone else’s.

    I think the samurai won!

    There were many different techniques to extend the lives of precious eggs, mine fell apart on the 4th race…these 2 just kept going!

    If you’ve never tried it I recommend giving it a go, it’s great fun & naturally comes to an end when the eggs break, giving that added edge of jeopardy !

  2. Easter Bunny Marshmallow!

    Check out these super cute marshmallow bunnies, they’re perfect for an Easter treat!

    I found these fantastic jumbo marshmallows in Tesco in the “American ‘section. Simply paint on the bunny face using black food colouring , then cut out the ears from rice or wafer paper. To Attach themI made 2 cuts in the top of the marshmallow & slotted them in! Simple eh? Enjoy!

  3. Easter!

    Next weekend is Easter, here are some ideas from last year, click here to see more !

  4. One Man & His boat (& 5 Kids)!

    It’s the perfect weather to be by the water & a day in Thorpeness (Suffolk) was idyllic!  The long walk from Aldeburgh was rewarded with amazing BLT sandwich at the Mess,( which has now unfortunately  closed, such a shame !)then on to feed the swans at the Meare.

    How was this for a stroke of luck,Paul offered to take all the kids for a row….the three of us followed at a safe distance ( so as not to be pelted with bird seed hoarded from feeding the swans).

    There was a near mutiny after a bit of island hopping, the kids tried to set off on their own, although I think it was more by accident than design ( there was never any danger as the Meare is only 3 ft deep).

    Meanwhile we went for a nose at all those lovely houses that back onto the Meare….next time we’re up I think we need to explore the golf club!

  5. Go Fish!

    We love playing card games & it’s great when you find one that’s good for all ages & only lasts about 5 mins - it means you can dip in & out & get on with a few bits but still be part of it!

    The card game of this holiday is “Go Fish”- here’s the link for how to play ( click here), ours play it everywhere even in the back of the car!

  6. Grand National Cocktail Sticks!


    Tomorrow is the Grand National, it’s about the only horse race that absolutely everyone knows about, as kids it was the only time our parents encouraged us to make a bet, only £1  but it still was very exciting!


    If you’re planning on watching why no throw a Grand National party & make these jockey hat cocktail stirers? They are so easy & look super cute!


    We started by cutting polystyrene balls in half.


    Then cut out the shape of the circle , including the peak of the cap.


    Make a hole before gluing it to the base of the ball & attach to a wooden skewer.


    Paint in your lucky colours, make you’re favourite cocktail & place your bets!Here’s a link to the Racing Post!


  7. Easter Chick Puppets


    These Easter chick puppets are made from empty mini cereal packs, you know the ones that you buy & that last just one sitting because their so excited about the miniature packaging!


    From their ‘create kit’ they covered the boxes with tissue paper, added googlie eys, beaks from craft sticks or rubber shapes & feathers- cute eh?

    For the Easter bunny they cut the ears, eyes & nose from a used brown envelope- love it!


    Then came the robots - can’t wait for the puppet show later!

  8. Looney For Loom Bracelets!


    Have your kids got the loom bracelet bug yet? It’s hit here massively, there are swops going on at school, searches for glitter & day glow ones and…& this is the best bit…it keeps them occupied for hours!!


    You can buy kits but Daisy makes them using 2 pencils, we are going to make a ‘how to’ video…coming soon!

    Loom bands are available from Claire’s Accessories for £3.50 for 300…but Hop Toy Shop ( on Chatsworth Road)has 300 for £1.50- grab a bargain while they last - perfect for the Easter hols!

  9. Holiday Activity Kits

    It’s the start of the  Easter holidays for us so here are some holiday activity kit ideas - one a week to have as a treat.

    The first one is a spy kit, include disguises, finger printing kits, note books,pens, rice paper for edible messages & sweets of course.

    It’s great to do a creative kit as it works almost as a standby, perfect for rainy days, I included a sketch pad, felt tip pens, plastacine, googly eyes, glue, sequins,feathers etc etc.

    Finally a camp kit filled with emergency shelters,lamps,glow sticks, rope, tape, dominos & a funny adventure dvd!

    Have a great holiday!

  10. April Fool’s Day Tricks

    The first year we played April fool’s tricks on the kids & simply put green food colouring in the milk & it made them shriek! Last year I did the same, to cries of “oh mum, not again!’ & then brought out the ‘real’ milk - having followed the  Martha Stewart gelatine milk trick- they cottened on the that one a bit too quickly!

    So this year I’m torn between doing the milk ones & then either putting scrunched up newspaper in the ends of their shoes  or replacing the cream on orios with tooth paste…I think I’ll just go for the shoes this year! Hope you have a good trick up your sleeve!