1. We went to the delicious Dishoom on Saturday afternoon with the kids (after the Aardman workshop,with our Shaun the sheep models!).For me it was like stepping back into a different world & we LOVED it.

    A good few years back I left my job to take a year out ┬áto go ‘travelling’.While I lost a lot of weight travelling through Indonesia,Malaysia & Thailand ,I piled on the pounds in India! The food was delicious, going to Dishoom reminded me of being back in Bombay or Mumbai as it is now.

    The interiors had that eclectic, colonial feel that I love and the service was friendly,informed & well, just really helpful & efficient. We’ve been introducing the kids to Indian food gradually & this is only their second time to an Indian cafe ( the first was vegetarian much to Daisy’s confusion, little carnivore that she is!).I’d love to take them to India as it’s such a beautiful country.

    The food at Dishoom was delicious, we over ordered & over ate so will be more restrained next time and there definitely will be a next time!

    Click here for more about Dishoom.

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