1. Christmas Gifts - Bottled Poached Pears


    I know it’s still November but Christmas is creeping up ,it’ll be here before you know! I thought I’d start to post a few projects that are perfect for teachers presents or gifts to give when you’re invited for a delicious lunch or dinner.

    The pears at the moment are absolutely delicious, I had to hide these ones to make these poached pears, as Daisy was ploughing through them! It was the lovely Maria ( from Hop Toy Shop ) who suggested poaching them - she was right, they are so good!

    I used this recipe by David Bovitz ( click here) added some cardamon pods, & it worked a treat ! 


    The thing that made it really special was this lovely Weck jar is from the London Borough of Jam, it’s the perfect combination! London Borough of Jam is on Chatsworth Road & also online ( click here) and yes they do sell jam…and jars & lots of other interesting bits. I haven’t really looked properly as they’re only open on Sat & Sun so I’ve always had the kids with me- once I’ve had a chance to do a proper reccie, I’ll post all about it!

    I’ll post how to make the glitter dipped clay leaves too!